Administrative Setup of the ESI Corporation

1. ESIC Headquarter

  • Apex Central Office at New Delhi.
  • Director General (DG) appointed by the Central Government in consultation with the Corporation functions as the Chief Executive of the Corporation.
  • DG is assisted by a Financial Commissioner, Insurance Commissioner and Medical Commissioner as divisional heads.
  • Vital support services are provided by Administrative Branch, Actuarial Branch, Public Relations Branch, vigilance Branch, Planning and Development Branch, Construction Branch, System and Management Services Units and HRD Branch etc.
  • Responsible for translating the decisions of the Corporation into action.
  • Co-ordination with Central/State Governments, members of the Corporation and other statutory bodies.
  • Overall development and administration of the Scheme.
  • Manpower management of the Corporation and financial management etc.

2. Regional Office & SSMC/RDMC Office

  • Regional Director
  • Regional Office in most of the States have been set up and sub- Regional Office in certain dense industrial areas for smooth operation and functioning of the scheme.
  • Regional Offices are headed by Regional Director who in turn report to ESIC Hqr.
  • Regional Office for the North Eastern States is located in Guwahati, Bamunni Maidan.
  • Responsible for administering the scheme in their respective States/areas of operation.
  • Activities comprise
    • Implementation in co-ordination with State Governments.
    • Inspections, surveys and enforcement.
    • Collection of revenue.
    • Administration of local offices, cash offices and inspection offices.
    • Repair and maintenance of buildings owned by the Corporation.
    • Delivery of cash benefits to ESI beneficiaries.

3. Senior State Medical Commissioner (SSMC) NER

  • On the medical side various regions have been grouped together into zones and SSMC posted for each zone.
  • Medical Referees are posted in each region and are under SSMC.
  • Responsible for co-ordination of various Medical matters with respective State Governments and in turn report to ESIC Hqr.
  • SSMC is now posted in Guwahati for the North Eastern Region w.e.f 1/10/2015.