Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the importance of Insurance Number?

Once the registration process is completed, the employee is allotted an Insurance Number, the Employee Insurance Number, once given, is valid for the lifetime of the employee. He need not register himself again if he changes location or employment. The Insurance Number is a unique Number, valid throughout the Country. There is no time frame for an employee to be re-employed with another employer.  It is a must for each IP to bring the Insurance Card to the Dispensary to enable the staff to check their eligibility status for availing Medical Care.

2. What are the benefits that ESI Scheme provides to Insured Persons ?

Two types of benefits are provided to the Insured Persons and their families as per their contribution:-

  • Cash Benefits:- It is provided through the Local Office of ESIC, Shillong and Byrnihat.
  • Medical Benefits:- It is provided by the Office of the Administrative Medical Officer through ESI Dispensary in the form of
    • OPD.
    • Referrals for Secondary/Speciality Care as per specified guidelines.
    • Medical Certification for Sickness/Maternity to enable the Beneficiaries to avail Medical Leave/Cash Benefits.
    • Reimbursement of Medical Bills.